2004 David Dickinson

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

2004 David Dickinson

“BSIA has this year gone a long way to remove the “Big Boys Club Label”. Infologue.com believes that the leadership of the BSIA Chief Executive, has been key to the successful transition of the association” David Dickinson – Chief Executive – British Security Industry Association

The third key foundation laid this year was the role of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). Having for many years played the unofficial role of the “watchdog” of the industry, Infologue.com was keen to see if the BSIA could perform its traditional role as the voice of the industry. The BSIA has a responsibility to ensure that the interests of its members and in effect the manned security industry are protected and developed, especially during transition. It also has a vital pivotal role of keeping the industry properly informed. The BSIA has for many years been perceived by smaller companies as a “Big Boys Club” looking after the interests of the major players. Whilst the development of the extended police family has been the most visible activity of the BSIA, its other less publicised activities have protected and developed the interests of its members. An area of concern for security companies is what form the Approved contractors Scheme would take. The BSIA released a fully mandated standard “Towards the future” which it believes should become the basis of the Approved Contractors scheme. As reviewed earlier, the BSIA ran a series of seminars with the SIA to inform end users, put pressure on the Government to decide timeously on the Working Time Directive, lobbied the SIA on the inclusion of in house security officers, and also developing a positive relationship with the Police as part of the extended police family. The BSIA also participated in developing a procurement guide produced by The Security Institute. Infologue.com believes that the BSIA has this year gone a long way to remove the “Big Boys Club Label”. Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Condon of Langton Green QPM DL became President of the BSIA. It appears that a decision on the Working Time Directive has been delayed until at least 2005. Infologue.com believes that the leadership of the BSIA Chief Executive, David Dickinson has been key to the successful transition of

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