CIS Security introduce fresh new look for retained Spitalfields

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

CIS Security introduce fresh new look for retained Spitalfields

Jason Dervin – Estate Manager

Having supplied security services for the Spitalfields E1 estate for the last 14 years CIS Security have recently retained the contract to supply security services for a further three years. The vibrant mixed-use development is a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street Station and acts as a confluence between the City’s financial and technical zones and the cultural space that is Shoreditch.

Duties for the newly blue-suited and brogued security professionals include Visitor Engagement, Access Control for deliveries and staff Car Parking, monitoring of CCTV system, opening up and lock ups of the estate, patrolling all areas, which include a shopping mall, and various wine bar style pubs and restaurants. The Estate is home to a number of prominent commercial clients that include RBS and Allen & Overy, whilst the security for these is separate there are close links with CIS Security Operations Team. In addition to the commercial clients, Spitalfields E1 hosts a number of open malls, high end retail units, restaurants, bars and creative independent traders. The location also boasts a number of high profile art sculptures such as the I Goat, by Kenny Hunter.

The Spitalfields Security Team is the contact point between the local residents and the estate tenants monitoring noise levels and any anti social behaviour. They also have a carefully nurtured culture of engaging in open dialogue with the youth of the area to ensure all those who visit enjoy the estate while being respectful to others

Estate Manager, Jason Dervin said; “CIS’s longevity on this contract has been achieved through having a stable Senior Account Management team in place who oversee an experienced, flexible and committed Security Team delivering an exceptional service. One of CIS Security’s key strengths throughout their tenure has been the ability to evolve with the site, continuously innovating to support our changing needs, for example acting as brand advocates and delivering information to the public; from directions to facts about art and historic artefacts to be found in the site. The Team takes time to regularly assess the changing landscape through user feedback, in order to adapt their service to continue to meet, and in many cases, exceed our requirements”

Amanda McCloskey, Sales and Marketing Director at CIS Security said; “We are thrilled that Spitalfields E1 Estate have chosen us to continue to care for their site. The uniform is smart and stylish, and is just one way in which we are working with Spitalfields E1 Estate Management to deliver a premium service to this world-class business and cultural destination”.

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  1. Great work by CIS Security. I think security is always a creation, because the previous used methods are always overcome. So, appreciate CIS security’s work. Thanks for sharing these valuable information with us.

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