G4S Reinforces Commitiment To Employee Training

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

G4S Reinforces Commitiment To Employee Training

Gordon Hermiston, Ryan Blewitt and Valerie Dale

Gordon Hermiston, Ryan Blewitt and Valerie Dale

G4S Secure Solutions (UK), the UK’s leading security company, is celebrating the 2000th employee to gain a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), reinforcing the company’s commitment to broadening employees’ knowledge and skills.

Ryan Blewitt was awarded a certificate at a ceremony held at Canary Wharf this week.

Gordon Hermiston, Managing Director from TQ training, specialists in the delivery of NVQ’s and Apprenticeship programmes in the workplace and who manage the training programmes for G4S, presented the award.

G4S has been working with TQ Training for over four years to give employees the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skill-base in the security industry.

NVQs and apprenticeships are nationally recognised qualifications that help build and develop their experience.

G4S employees enrol on work-based courses ranging from front of house customer service to crowd control management.

The training usually lasts between four to six months, and assessment is monitored through video clips and a portfolio of their accomplishments. Each employee also has a dedicated assessor who they meet with at least three times during the course.

Val Dale, HR Director G4S Secure Solutions (UK), said: “We are the world’s leading security solutions provider largely because of the quality of our employees. By ensuring that they are highly qualified and motivated it allows us to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

“We are proud of our partnership with TQ Training and the successful completion of the 2000th applicant is an important milestone in that relationship. We look forward to achieving further accomplishments together in the future.”

Gordon Hermiston, Managing Director at TQ Training added: “We’re committed to giving people the opportunity to learn and develop their skills whilst on the job. Our work with G4S is a great example of how training schemes can not only benefit an individual’s development but can also impact businesses positively.”

For further information on G4S Secure Solutions (UK), please visit: www.g4s.uk.com

For more information on the NVQ training scheme, please visit: www.tqtraining.co.uk

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