Interconnective Security Products announce launch of 3rd Generation of the Partner Tuff

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Monday, 22 October 2018

Interconnective Security Products announce launch of 3rd Generation of the Partner Tuff

Bobby Logue of Interconnective Ltd

Bobby Logue of Interconnective Ltd

Interconnective Security Products have announced the launch of the 3rd Generation of the Partner Tuff, their cloud based patrol and related management information system.

Interconnective’s MD Bobby Logue said: “The rapid development of new technologies in all sectors has created the requirement from customers to receive operational information instantly or in virtual real-time.

“Frontline security is no different, except for the additional requirement for personnel safety which adds another dimension to the technology. Since 1999, Interconnective has been at the forefront of developing technology to protect frontline personnel, as well as monitoring their activities. All our activities are underpinned with the philosophy of continuous improvement through a development roadmap. We entered the cloud based patrol and related management information system arena late but have rapidly caught up, our development roadmap is designed to ensure we will be clear market leaders by this time next year.”

Key Features of the Generation 3 Partner Tuff are:

  • Partner T New I

    The Partner Tuff

    A simple dashboard that provides real time performance by front line personnel.

  • Intelligent sensors that can detect door contact opening, flood (water level), smoke and gas, voltage and motion sensing sent directly to the security officers phone and control room.
  • A panic alarm, an idle detector and a physical impact sensor, which highlights dropping or possible handset abuse when activated and sends an alert in real time to the control room or directly to designated mobile phones.
  • The intuitive and easy to use user interface creates simplicity throughout the Partner Tuff solution.
  • Patrols can be tracked in real time; providing a full patrol history online, with tasks can be programmed to a specific checkpoint which displays a notification is on app to provide specific task instructions (GPS).
  • Exceptions are highlighted on the system by dashboard notifications or by email for pre-configured parameters.
  • The reporting of incidents is supported with live automatic emailing of images, audio and text notes which can be viewed online by designated users.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer’s warranty of handsets.

Interconnective Security Products – The Partner Patrol Solutions Range

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