IQ Launch SIA Awards

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Monday, 21 August 2017

IQ Launch SIA Awards

Industry Qualifications (IQ) has announced that it has been approved by the SIA and the qualifications regulator Ofqual to offer the license linked qualification for both the Security Guarding and CCTV operators from the 1st September 2011. IQ anticipates that the license linked qualification for door supervisors will also be available from early September

‘We believe that IQ will bring a new approach to awarding activity in the sector,” said Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ. “We have designed our processes, customer service and user interfaces to ensure that they are at least as good as the best that is currently on offer. We are committed to issuing results within four working days and certification will be generated within 10 working days. IQ pricing is competitive, with all license linked awards at £30+VAT per candidates”.

“The key difference however is the mutual environment that we have created for the company. Centres are given the opportunity to become members, and this provides them greater influence over the direction of the awarding organisation, an opportunity to create delivery networks with providers in other sectors, and the opportunity to share in any surpluses that are generated by IQ. We believe that a mutual awarding organisation working across a range of industry sectors will have much to offer the industry and its training suppliers”.

For details on how to become an IQ centre or member, please contact Industry Qualifications on 01952 457452 or email Sallyann Baldry (

Industry Qualifications Website

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