IT Outsourcer Tackles Fulham FC’s Data Security

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Friday, 17 November 2017

IT Outsourcer Tackles Fulham FC’s Data Security

One of London’s oldest football clubs, Fulham FC, has appointed IT specialist ADA Technology Services (ADA) to implement Varonis’s data governance solution throughout the Club’s entire IT infrastructure.

The deal follows Fulham FC’s decision to increase its security measures and gain greater control over its dataflow. The Club now has increased visibility over how its 200 employees use the corporate network and access corporate files. Detecting data irregularities including the movement and copying of files is now easier and the process of establishing separate levels of data access throughout the workforce has been simplified.

Fulham FC’s IT Manager, Spencer Haywood, says: “Prior to our partnership with ADA, we had less visibility of our data and a lot of technology that was either out-dated or had little use. We now have more flexibility over our corporate information and can model IT structural changes before implementation, which is a great planning tool and provides more control, security and greater reassurance.”

ADA is now expected to deliver further projects in partnership with Fulham FC over the next 12 months.

Carl Grieves, Chief Sales Officer at ADA Technology Services, adds: “As with all businesses dealing with sensitive information, security is of paramount performance. Fulham FC now has a failsafe solution in place that will meet all of its data governance requirements.”

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