Loomis in partnership with Fryshuset – an investment in the future

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Loomis in partnership with Fryshuset – an investment in the future

Cash handling company Loomis has entered into a long-term partnership with youth center Fryshuset based on the company’s mission and goal to actively help reduce crime in Sweden.

The partnership is unique and is based on creating a greater understanding of differences between young people and the authorities, and on working together to develop alternative methods for conflict management and safety issues etc. The focus will be on prevention.

Within the framework of the partnership, Loomis will participate in a seminar arranged by Fryshuset during Almedalen Week when Fryshuset will invite discussion about the socioeconomic effects of the business community’s investments in preventive activities for at-risk youth.

“By working together we’ll create an exciting bridge between business and the non-profit sector to work proactively on crime prevention by supporting young people,” says Johan Oljeqvist, CEO of Fryshuset.

Fryshuset is today one of Sweden’s largest non-profit organizations with a strong attraction for young people who actively find their way there. Fryshuset is active in all sectors of society and successfully involves and engages companies, organizations, authorities and donors to work together to help young people find and realize new, innovative solutions to society’s current challenges and problems.

Loomis has 15 branches and 1,200 employees in Sweden with a firm footing in local communities throughout the country. Loomis works actively with CSR and sustainability and intends to collaborate in more crime prevention projects in the future to improve the situation for at-risk youth.

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