Loomis signs an agreement with Tesco in the UK

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Loomis signs an agreement with Tesco in the UK

LoomisLoomis AB’s subsidiary in the UK has entered into an agreement with Tesco to service its 3,700 ATMs across the UK. Loomis will be responsible for replenishment and maintenance of Tesco’s entire remote ATM estate. The transition of work to Loomis will commence immediately and is expected to be fully rolled out during the second quarter 2015. Fully rolled out, the annual revenue is expected to exceed GBP 20 million corresponding to approximately SEK 230 million.

The maintenance services will be performed by a technical service partner.

The agreement is the single largest new contract signed by Loomis since the IPO in 2008.

“Over the last years we have intensified our focus on quality in the UK and this agreement proves that we are on the right track”, says Jarl Dahlfors, President and CEO of Loomis AB.

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