MITIE’s award winning innovation MiTSM goes mobile

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

MITIE’s award winning innovation MiTSM goes mobile

MITIE, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company, has launched a mobile version of the award winning online operational tool, MiTSM.  MiTSM is MITIE’s total security management business’ unique system for managing all operational tasks such as holiday requests, pay queries, uniform ordering, and scheduling.  It is also a client information centre with contract information such as key performance indicators and detailed analysis of risk areas.

The mobile version of the site is in support of MITIE’s commitment to enabling its people to work in the most effective way. With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, the security operations team can now be truly mobile, logging incidents in real time with photographic evidence, as well as using auditable patrol tagging and instant reporting via the MiTSM platform.

MiTSM was awarded the 2011 Security Excellence Innovation of The Year Award based on its ability to transform officer engagement with the business, to provide clear information for clients, and to increase operational efficiency through time, travel and paper saving developments.

The success of the online system is evident with 95% of all security personnel and 100% of managers using the system, enabling more time to focus on the important elements of delivering effective security.  Bob Forsyth, managing director, MITIE’s total security management business commented:

“We are committed to evolving our business using modern methods to meet the needs of our clients. Investing in our people is hugely important to growing and improving the business, and MiTSM is another great tool to ensure they become the best at what they do.”

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