MITIE announces partnership for first remotely monitored leak detection system

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

MITIE announces partnership for first remotely monitored leak detection system

MITIE, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company, has announced it has partnered with Leaksafe Solutions Ltd, which will see MITIE’s MiTec Technology Centre undertake the monitoring of the Leaksafe range of leak detection and prevention devices.

Through the partnership, MITIE’s monitoring specialists will receive a remote alarm when a Leaksafe system detects a water leak or burst pipe in a property. If a leak is detected the LeakSafe system will automatically turn off the incoming water and the 24 hour support service ensures customers can be notified rapidly and the required action implemented.

This limits financial losses and ensures that relevant partners are quickly informed, minimising disruption and maintaining business continuity.

MITIE’s total security management business will also be offering the Leaksafe solution to customers of its void property protection services where it will be a valuable addition in ensuring vacant properties are effectively managed.

Undetected leaks of water pipes and systems can cause significant damage to both the fabric and contents of property. Over 50% of business interruption claims are now attributable to water leaks/bursts.

Darren Gamage, Managing Director of Technology, MITIE’s total security management business, commented:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Leaksafe Solutions Ltd to provide a remotely monitored leak detection system to assist individuals and organisations in better protecting their properties.

“The cost of the damage caused by leaks can be significant and the longer it takes for it to be identified, the greater both the costs and on-going impact can become. For this reason, a number of larger insurance companies are looking to mandate leak detection systems but at present few have the added benefit of 24/7 monitoring.

“We are constantly looking to work with partners whose innovative technologies can be supported through MiTec, our technology centre. Having seen the range of devices from Leaksafe, we saw a significant opportunity to jointly develop a cost effective service that would benefit both the businesses and consumer sectors.”

Mike Wakley, Managing Director of LeakSafe Solutions Ltd commented:

“LeakSafe researched a number of companies providing monitoring services and concluded that MITIE will provide the best and most reliable level of service for our insurance and other clients.

“MiTec is already providing remote support for a number of high profile properties where water leaks have occurred and where their monitoring services have made a positive difference to response times and the property owners’ ability to quickly resolve the problem on site.”

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