MITIE launches 24 hour expert FM helpdesk

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

MITIE launches 24 hour expert FM helpdesk

MITIE, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company, has today announced the launch of 24seven, a centralised helpdesk delivered by FM experts within MITIE.

The service acts as a single point of contact for any office issues ranging from spillages, broken windows, blown lights, blocked toilets or malfunctioning air-con.

24seven already handles over a million calls and 250,000 emails each year, resolving over 700,000 reactive requests.

To make this service unique, MITIE has invested in a number of new technologies, such as MiWorld, a web-based management information portal that gives clients ‘live’ visibility of costs and activities across their entire estate, enabling them to benchmark costs and understand total cost of occupancy.

The centralised model will also provide clients with complete control of their costs compared to an in-house service, as well as better reporting, transparency over health and safety issues, and flexibility to manage changes in demand.

In addition, the 24Seven team will monitor trends allowing MITIE to resolve issues as soon as possible, before they escalate.

Meanwhile, the platform MITIE Flex ensures that 24seven staff adapt to the peak and off-peak periods of the client’s business, leading to a more sustainable and cost-effective way of working.

Martyn Freeman, managing director of MITIE’s Facilities Management business, said:

“24seven will act as the eyes and ears for all our clients across their various properties. Whether it’s a fused bulb or a broken heater, our technology aims to resolve any problems before our clients are even aware of them.”

“We believe that our new FM helpdesk, delivered by FM experts with a real focus on people and technology, is something really new and exciting.”

This month 24seven was listed as a finalist for the ICMI European Call Centre and Customer Service awards, recognising the achievements of companies, contact centres and individuals in the customer management industry.

The launch of 24Seven takes places today (24/7) at the new headquarters in Leeds.

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