MITIE launches DeTect systems to reduce false alarm activations by 90%

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Monday, 18 December 2017

MITIE launches DeTect systems to reduce false alarm activations by 90%

MITIE, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company, has launched DeTect, a range of wireless intruder, fire alarm and visual verification systems, for the protection of vacant premises.  Last year, MITIE’s total security management business launched its specialist vacant property services, and this range, which is compliant to EN50131 standards, builds on the offering, providing a way to reduce false alarms and unnecessary call outs.

The DeTect systems are monitored by MiTec, MITIE’s TSM technology hub, where the operatives view video footage to identify the reason for the activation, ensuring only real security breaches or emergencies are responded to.  MITIE’s national void secure team installs systems within a few hours. Its plug and play nature means it can be rapidly deployed inside or outside a vacant property, either proactively or reactively to criminal activity.

The systems can also be fitted with flood alarm sensors, providing additional value and protection to clients.  Powered by long life lithium batteries, with an average life of four years, low battery signals are monitored by MiTec who will arrange an engineer to replenish.

Bob Forsyth, managing director, MITIE’s total security management business, commented:

“The launch of this range of systems is a great innovation for our clients and is a cost effective and highly efficient way of securing empty properties.  “The clarity of the footage is top quality and in some instances we have already provided evidence to the police that have led to convictions.”

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