MITIE launches MobileTech service

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Monday, 21 January 2019

MITIE launches MobileTech service

MITIE has launched a new service for retailers and property owners with multiple sites across the UK.

The service – called MobileTech – comprises a national network of vans and multi-skilled technicians. MobileTech is a new service model within National Mobile Services which was launched by MITIE earlier this year.

The benefit of the service for clients is that one technician can complete multiple tasks – delivering up to 80% of routine planned maintenance services on each visit, saving time and money for both the contractor and client.

The service is a completely new approach to multi-site maintenance in the FM industry and is ideally suited to retailers across the country.

The model is currently being deployed with Lloydspharmacy under a 5 year contract, across their 1,677 stores.

Following a vigorous tender process, Lloydspharmacy were quick to conclude that MITIE’s MobileTech approach to delivering multi-site services is the best-fit model for achieving challenging cost saving targets and improving efficiencies.

The contract covers all of Lloydspharmacy’s UK stores and is MITIE’s largest MobileTech contract to date. MITIE’s MobileTech team are already at work, delivering a greater number of planned maintenance services at the store in a single visit, improving efficiencies and adding significant value to the contract.

Explaining MITIE’s unique approach to multi-site FM, Kerry Sheenan, MD of MITIE’s National Mobile Service said: “Each MobileTech technician is responsible for their own group of stores, which installs greater ownership and encourages stronger working relationships between the technician and the property manager.

“Our MobileTechs are continuously trained and can deliver many more services in one visit. However, the more complex jobs such as relamping, HVAC and compliance, are still delivered by our specialist engineers, we believe that this is a smarter way of working.”

Commenting on the contract, Gary Kennedy, Head of Property and Development for Lloydspharmacy said: “MITIE’s approach to multi-site FM is a real step change for both us and the retail market. We are improving efficiencies throughout the contract, from less time spent dealing with multiple contractors and invoicing to fewer emergency calls out being logged with the MITIE help desk”

Additional to M&E, fabric maintenance, fire & security, planned lighting maintenance and compliance, MITIE Lighting Design have completed the design and installation of LED lighting at Lloydspharmacy’s iconic John Bell and Croyden store in Oxford Street.

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