Mitie to support Eurotunnel at UK terminal

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Mitie to support Eurotunnel at UK terminal

MITIE, the strategic outsourcing and asset management company has won a three year agreement to provide security and freight support services to Eurotunnel at its Folkestone terminal. Under the contract, MITIE’s specialist transport security team will work alongside Eurotunnel’s site based staff to support them in controlling access to the high security site and ensuring customers and staff benefit from a safe, secure environment throughout the 200 hectare site.

The team of more than 190 officers will undertake a variety of roles including vehicle screening, traffic flow management, freight chocking and preparation activities, and 24 hour access and egress control in line with the requirements stipulated under Department for Transport regulation. The success in securing the Eurotunnel contract further enhances MITIE’s presence in the transport sector where it already operates significant facilities contracts with Eurostar, BAA, FirstGroup and Felixstowe Port as well as providing specialist transport security at London’s Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton airports.

Commenting on the contract award, Tony Medhurst, Managing Director Transport Security said “We’re really delighted to have secured the Eurotunnel contract and to be responsible for security for this vital element of critical national infrastructure. We’re confident that we can create a new partnership with Eurotunnel that will further enhance the security and freight support team’s role in ensuring that customers have a safe and pleasant journey when travelling between Folkestone and Coquelles. While the security team will undertake a wide range of duties, we know that they will often be the first people that customers meet and we’re determined to ensure that our agents are central in delivering a great customer experience. Our success in securing this contract reinforces our capabilities of working in DfT regulated environments and expands our services in the rail sector.” Eurotunnel added “We are delighted to be working with an experienced partner in transport security and look forward to the value that MITIE will add to our service.”

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