Pilgrims Group Achieves Outstanding Audit Results

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Pilgrims Group Achieves Outstanding Audit Results

Pilgrims has achieved outstanding professional audit results this winter, securing its 15th consecutive zero non-compliance ISO audit, which equates to seven and a half years of continued excellence. The company has also received praise for unique improvement initiatives and for exceeding assessor requirements.

Firstly, a two day audit carried out under the requirements of the SIA (Security Industry Authority) Approved Contractor Scheme, assessed the standards and practices of Pilgrims’ security guarding discipline and operations. The scheme enables qualifying organisations to distinguish themselves as being amongst the best providers of private security services in the UK.

The report stated that Pilgrims had exceeded expectations, with assessors identifying a number of good practices, including having clearly defined Service Level Agreements in place, regularly reviewed performance figures and performance graphs on general display. Upon completion of the audit, SIA’s assessors found Pilgrims had no areas in need of improvement.

Pilgrims’ Contract Development Manager, Des Ewers, explained: “We are pleased to have achieved an even better score than the previous year’s successful audit. In addition, we received praise on improvement initiatives ‘TacEval™’ and ‘MinEval™’ – two proactive training and auditing processes focussed specifically on Pilgrims’ clients’ needs. This ensures we stay ahead of changing requirements and risks and maintains a constant training and auditing cycle for our staff and procedures.”

Following the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme audit, Pilgrims was also subject to an ISO9001:2008 surveillance visit for its provision of manned guarding services, in accordance with the requirements of BS7499 and BS7858 standards. Again, Pilgrims excelled, with a result of zero major or minor non-compliances on its Management System Audit Report; Pilgrims’ 15th consecutive ISO audit with zero non conformances.

“ISO surveillance visits are process-quality driven. They complement the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme well by reflecting that our operating standards and practices are up to scratch at every level,” explains Ewers. “All in all, the two audits provide a comprehensive benchmark, enabling us to ensure that that the standards and processes we have in place provide maximum benefit to all of our stakeholders.”

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