Pilgrims Group Limited and Corps Security Limited are the latest addition to Infologue.com’s ACS Star Performers

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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Pilgrims Group Limited and Corps Security Limited are the latest addition to Infologue.com’s ACS Star Performers

The latest addition to the Infologue.com ACS Star Performers Table are Pilgrims Group Limited and Corps Security Ltd.

Pilgrims Group Limited holds approval by the SIA for Security Guarding.

Corps Security Limited holds approval by the SIA for Door Supervision, Key Holding, Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) and Security Guarding.

Peter Webster, Chief Executive of Corps Security and regular Infologue blogger said, “Corps Security constantly strives to be a ‘best in class’ security specialist and we are proud that our excellent ACS score is recognised as an ACS Star Performer on Infologue.com. As an industry we need to validate the best of the ‘quality companies’ through external benchmarking and, at present, ACS represents the most appropriate way of achieving this. However, our industry needs to develop new and improved ways of allowing the buyers of our services to identify suppliers who can consistently deliver ‘best in class’ security provision. This needs to be more accessible to allow companies to use their benchmarked assessment as a marketing and differentiation tool.”

The Infologue.com ACS Star Performers is a list of ACS (Approved Contractors Scheme) companies who have achieved the highest 5% of assessed scores within the ACS Over the past few years.

Currently the threshold score in order to qualify for the ACS Star Performers list is 150. Currently the maximum ACS score is 174. Infologue.com estimates that there are 36 companies with scores that meet or exceed these criteria.

There is no direct or implied connection between the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the ACS Star Performers list.

Infologue.com ACS Star Performers

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