Securitas increases investment pace in technology and initiates a cost-savings program

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Securitas increases investment pace in technology and initiates a cost-savings program

Alf Goransson

Alf Göransson - President and Chief Executive Officer of Securitas AB

Securitas will take measures to enable better alignment with future customer needs and expectations, and continues the company’s journey with investments in technology and enhanced technical capabilities.

The decisive factor in coming years will be a critical mass of knowledge and the ability to create innovative solutions that provide greater benefits for customers in an increasingly demanding security market.

A cost-savings program has been initiated at Security Services North America and at Security Services Europe. The Mobile and Monitoring divisions and the Security Services Europe division will be merged to improve the coordination and speed of the technology implementation.

The preparation and execution of these measures will be finalized during the fourth quarter of 2012, by which time the final savings and restructuring costs also can be determined.

The total annual savings are estimated at approximately MSEK 300, which are expected to materialize in 2013. The savings are calculated as a net amount, after accounting for further investments and additional resources to strengthen the technology capacity of Securitas. Restructuring costs are currently estimated to approximately MSEK 360 and will be recognized for in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Until further notice, the President and CEO of Securitas, Alf Göransson will assume responsibility for the merger between the Security Services Europe division and the Mobile and Monitoring divisions. Erik-Jan Jansen has been appointed COO, and Aimé Lyagre CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the new European division. Bart Adam has been appointed CFO of Securitas AB.

Kim Svensson, previously Senior Vice President Corporate Finance, and Aimé Lyagre, formerly the COO of Security Services Europe, will step down from Securitas’ Group Management. Kim Svensson has been appointed Regional President of Securitas China and South East Asia.

Further details concerning the initiated measures will be provided in Securitas Interim Report January – September 2012, which will be published on November 7, 2012.

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