Ward Security Gains ISO 18001 Certification

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Monday, 24 September 2018

Ward Security Gains ISO 18001 Certification

Bespoke security solutions provider Ward Security has been awarded
certification for achieving the Occupational Health & Safety
Management System OHSAS 18001:2007.

The award represents an international occupational health and safety
management system specification that has been developed to be
compatible with the ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental)
management systems standards.

The OHSAS specification gives requirements for an occupational health
and safety (OH&S) management system, to enable Ward Security to
control its OH&S risks and improve its performance.

“The standard provides a comprehensive specification to ensure that
all aspects of the business are considered and managed,” said Nikhil
Kamboj, associate director of compliance and IT. “It also shows that
we are doing everything that is required from an employer’s point of
view in regards of our workforce.”

“Whilst gaining this accreditation has involved considerable effort on
our part, we believe that our customers will derive many benefits from
the work that we have put in. It is about creating a safe working

The OHSAS specification is focused on continuous improvement, and the
company has put plans in place to regularly measure the effectiveness
of the standard on a regular basis.

“18001 illustrates to customers that we as a business are working to
world class standards on a day-to-day basis, and therefore we are
working both safely and effectively. It shows that as a security
company we are prepared to go above and beyond the limitations of what
we are expected to do,” explained Nikhil.

It took some three months to prepare for the certification process,
although many of the procedures had already been put into place.
“There were no significant internal changes made to achieve the
standard,” Nikhil said, “just some minor improvements recommended to
existing good management practices.”

“OHSAS 18001 certification is becoming increasingly important in the
security market,” added Nikhil, “and is increasingly regarded as more
of an operating standard that clients demand that we are looking after
our employees. Increasingly it’s a tick-box on tender documents and to
show that we have the standard – and are continuing to operate to it –
gives us a competitive edge over our rivals in the market.”

PIC CAP: Ward Security ambassador and former England rugby
international Victor Ubogu presents Ward Security’s associate director
of compliance and IT, Nikhil Kamboj, with the ISO I8001 certificate.

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