Bill Butler’s Blog April 30th 2011

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Bill Butler’s Blog April 30th 2011

Bill Butler - Chief Executive of the SIA

Bill Butler - Chief Executive of the SIA

The Chief  Executive of the Security Industry Authority updates the industry on S.I.A. activities during March in his latest on-line blog. Bill writes; “Over the past four weeks I have continued work on the proposed changes to the regulation of the private security industry and we have held two major events, the first of this year’s SIA conferences, and a meeting with a working group of buyers of security.

“Our first conference this year took place on 30 March in London and was a chance for the 200 delegates to hear more about our plans for the future and to ask their questions. A senior official from the Home Office gave an update on the Government’s intentions for the changes and delegates took part in a series of workshops to discuss future regulation.  David Evans from the BSIA spoke on the security requirements at the Olympic and Paralympic games and there was panel debate involving security suppliers and buyers, and representatives from the insurance and training sectors. These events (which are paid for by those attending) give us an opportunity to meet with those involved in the industry and hear what they have to say. The conference was a good start to our programme and we received some valuable feedback. Most importantly I think we persuaded those attending that it’s worth telling us what they think about the future of regulation. They do have a role to play in the future, as they will have greater responsibility for ensuring that regulation works.

“With so much going on, we are planning a second conference that will be held in the north of England later this year. All of the information from the London conference is on our website.

“I also attended a useful meeting on 5 April with those who buy and rely on private security to discuss with that group what the implications of the transition to a new regime would be for them. This was the second such meeting and we are looking to hold further meetings later this year. It is important to hear views from the buyer’s perspective as well as the individuals and businesses that provide security services.

“Many of those we licence cannot attend such events and so we are looking at ways of providing opportunities for people to tell us what is important to them. We hope to hold some workshops around the UK later this year. In the meantime, we plan to host some dedicated question and answer sessions and discussion groups on our Facebook page.

“This is a very cost effective way of sharing information and getting feedback and I do read all of the comments that are posted, however uncomfortable that might be.
On 15 April I attended the Security Research Forum which comprises those with an interest in researching the private security industry. The forum meets every six months to share knowledge and experience, and to develop opportunities for collaboration on future research projects. At the meeting we discussed the research on the impact of the recession on security businesses and the research by National Doorwatch following the survey of door supervisors was presented. This valuable research has now been published on our website.

Finally, we are currently finalising our accounts for the past year. I’ll give you an update on how we have been managing our finances in my next blog.”

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