Counter Terror Expo 2013 – Kidnappings and Business

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Counter Terror Expo 2013 – Kidnappings and Business

Counter Terror Expo 2013

Counter Terror Expo 2013

In our sixth feature article from Counter Terror Expo 2013; Chris Phillips of the International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO) looks at the potential threat to Business from kidnapping.

Chris writes: “It’s interesting to note that General Electric aims to double its sales in Sub-Saharan Africa at a time when Kidnappings and Hostage taking is a regular and increasing threat. In fact just a few weeks ago 6 hostages were murdered in Nigeria and the well documented 16th January kidnapping and murder of foreign oil workers at the In Amenas gas field has cast a dark cloud over the outlook for the regions energy sector.”

“It’s a quirk of fate that the lucrative oil fields seem to be in the most troubled areas in the world.”

“Good news though for the assorted security businesses that will be needed to secure the sites and the people involved in doing business, but bad news for those who end up suffering at the hands of terrorists.”

“It’s interesting to note that when sending goods and people to dangerous locations, often overlooked is the need to have insurance for staff. Kidnap and ransom insurance is vital and I’m aware of businesses that have fallen foul of this and have been unable to fulfil contracts because their staff have been unable or unwilling to travel to high risk locations to carry out work.”

“This really needs thinking through when negotiating contracts in areas of high risk.”

Counter Terror Expo 2013 will provide a range of strategies and solutions to protect high-net worth individuals during the event, taking place 24-25 April 2013.

To register your attendance please visit their website.

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