David Ward – Rewarding Excellence

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

David Ward – Rewarding Excellence

David Ward

David Ward

In his latest blog for Infologue.com, David Ward of Ward Security takes a look at the importance of rewarding effort and excellence in the workplace. David writes: “The importance of a pat on the back cannot be overstated. Recognition for a job well done drives all of us, regardless of where we work or our position within the companies and industries that employ us. It’s a fundamental human desire to have our efforts appreciated. Yes, we can survive without it, but we thrive when we get it.

“So just saying ‘thank you’ is worth so much to anyone at any level. We should constantly ask ourselves when was the last time we said thank you to a team member, or asked after them?

“During September, Ward Security hosted the 10th Annual Ward Security Star Employee Awards at the Grange City Hotel in the shadow of the Tower of London. Hosted this year by TV presenter Sian Lloyd, this event is the most important in the Ward Security calendar, and is when we celebrate and reward staff across the business who have demonstrated the highest standards, and who have made an outstanding contribution to the reputation of Ward Security.

“This event is a major undertaking for the company, however, the effort and expense of organising a major awards event in the centre of London is more than repaid by the effect it has on bringing the business together – management and frontline staff – and indeed of inspiring further excellence from both management and employees.

“The event certainly has credibility. VIP guests this year included City of London Police Commissioner, Ian Dyson; Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Barnard from the City of London Police, Keith Hanson, Chief Exhibitor of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, as well as representatives from a number of clients and partners of Ward Security. Keith Hanson, who presented a Special Recognition Award told the audience “This is the tenth time I have attended the Ward Security Employee Awards, which says something about the high regard I have for the company.”

“The award categories have been carefully considered with the aim of making sure all areas of the business are covered. Categories include; Team of the Year, Ward Belgravia Receptionist of the Year, Response Section Employee of the Year, Head Office Employee of the Year, Security Officer of the Year, Dog Handler of the Year, Special Recognition Award, and the Ward Security Star Employee of the Year.

“The big award of the night is the Star Employee of the Year Award. This award, more than any other, reflects the importance of the event. Jeff King, our 70 year old Security Manager at Davidson House in Reading, was a popular choice as winner and was given a standing ovation as he collected the award. As well as delivering his professional duties to the highest standards, Jeff has for 14 years undertaken a great deal of charity work for good causes included MENCAP and other charities, and local old people’s homes.

“Jeff very much encapsulates the values at the heart of Ward Security. One of the key values of the company is that we should all treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves, and this was apparent on the evening, with everyone mixing in with each other.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our team members. We are keen to highlight such examples of dedication to service and the community that go above and beyond the call of duty. I, like many others at the event, was deeply touched by the emotions on display from several of our winners. It was an event where shared pride was dominant emotion.

“The security industry has, from an external point of view, endured a somewhat cold reputation for many years. Few people outside our industry can appreciate the levels of dedication and effort put in by those who choose careers in security. Even fewer can imagine the levels of pride, commitment, and care for the community often displayed by security staff. It is therefore a duty of employers to make sure that these efforts ARE noticed and ARE appreciated”.

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