ACS Top 5 % Contractors Scores hits 150 and Above

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

ACS Top 5 % Contractors Scores hits 150 and Above Publisher Bobby Logue Publisher Bobby Logue

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has released the Contractor Scores by Quartile for their Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS). The median score which is the points exceeded by 50% of all the approved contractors is 67. The Top 10% score is a minimum of 138 and contractors in the Top 5% would have scored at least 150 points writes Publisher Bobby Logue.

According to the SIA each year every approved contractor – except for those on certain Passport schemes – assesses its performance against 89 individual indicators of achievement. At assessment these scores are verified by an independent assessor. There are 5 accredited independent assessment bodies appointed by the ACS.

Performance above the required level results in a +1, +2 or higher score. Performance below the required achievement level results in a -1, -2 or lower score. The minimum overall score that a company can achieve and still be approved is zero. Zero is a satisfactory score, as it demonstrates that the company is meeting the ACS standard and following recognised industry effective practice. The maximum overall score that can be achieved is currently 174.

It is interesting to note the growth of the median scores since 2008-9 when the score was 18. The SIA believe “the improvement in results demonstrates that not only are approved contractors meeting the required standard each year, they are also implementing continual improvement within their organisations, with standards being raised as a result.”

The table of median scores since 2008 is set out below:

Financial Year Median Score















The SIA has released the median scoring by sector as follows:

Micro Businesses

Small Businesses

Medium Businesses

Large Businesses

Approved Contractor Scheme Website ACS Star Performers

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