Banknote Watch renews commitment to educating public, businesses and Police with new site

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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Banknote Watch renews commitment to educating public, businesses and Police with new site

Banknote WatchBanknote Watch recently launched a new website – – to renew its commitment towards providing useful and accessible information about stolen banknotes to members of the public, businesses and the Police.

The crime prevention initiative aims at preventing criminals from profiting from the proceeds of crime by raising awareness about the provenance of stained notes, and encouraging their withdrawal from circulation. It unites the manufacturers, installers and users of cash degradation systems with the Government and Police, and is supported by a number of industry bodies including the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

The new site provides visitors with a wealth of information on what to do and who to contact should they come across a stained note. It also provides ample scope for interaction with members of the initiative, via a number of social media channels, and updates on latest developments in technology and good news stories exemplifying the work of the group and its successes in assisting the Police identifying and convicting criminals.

Hilaire O’Shea, acting Co-Chair at Banknote Watch, was heavily involved in the development of the new site, and commented: “With people increasingly turning to the internet to find answers to their problems and questions, there was a real eagerness from the group to improve our online presence. We therefore invested in a new site that could adequately reflect the great successes and achievements of Banknote Watch in the recent years.

“One of Banknote Watch’s key aims is that of educating members of the public, Police and businesses about the fact that stained notes are likely to be stolen banknotes, often obtained in a violent way at the expense of retailers or cash in transit couriers. Our new site does just that, providing anyone who has obtained a stained note with useful advice on what they should do with it.”

Andrew Gregory, long-standing member of Banknote Watch and Crime Prevention Design Advisor/Crime Reduction Officer at West Midlands Police, commented: “For the Police, being able to quickly and effectively identify the provenance of the dye on banknotes is paramount to link the money to a particular robbery and location. Therefore, having a one-stop shop where we can access information from the industry directly is something that greatly assists us in our job. The new website is a welcome addition to the already indisputable value that the Banknote Watch initiative offers to Police, businesses and members of the public in raising awareness regarding the issues and provenance of stained banknotes.”

To visit the new site, contact a Banknote Watch member or find out more about the initiative, visit

BSIA Website

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