BSIA appoints Christo Bosch as Business Development Manager

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Saturday, 16 December 2017

BSIA appoints Christo Bosch as Business Development Manager

Christo Bosch - Business Development Manager for the BSIA

Christo Bosch - Business Development Manager for the BSIA

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is delighted to announce the appointment of Christo Bosch, who joined the Association this week as Business Development Manager.

This important role has been newly created within the organisation to fill the growing need to widen and develop the membership base across all sections, a main objective of the BSIA’s business strategy for 2012.

Reporting to Trevor Elliott – the BSIA’s Director of Manpower and Membership Services – Christo will be based out of the Association’s London office, with a remit including the whole of England and Wales, and will be primarily responsible for the recruitment of new members.

Trevor comments: “Christo’s role as Business Development Manager will be to work across a broad cross-section of potential members and to provide them with a detailed understanding of the BSIA and the benefits that membership can bring.

“His immediate priority will be to work with the BSIA team to enhance his personal understanding of the industry and the current regulatory changes that are due in the next year or two and to ‘warm up’ our database, developing his relationships with key contacts in order to widen the membership opportunities for the BSIA over the next twelve months.

“Christo’s previous success in the sales arena, in telecommunications and IT, will assist him in his transition to a new industry sector over the coming months and I am pleased to welcome him to the BSIA.”

With such a broad-ranging role and a wide scope of responsibility, Christo is eager to get started, commenting: “I’m very pleased to be joining the BSIA at such an exciting time and look forward to the new challenges that this role will bring.”

Christo started his new role at the BSIA on Tuesday 14th February.

To find out more about the benefits of belonging to the BSIA, visit

BSIA Website

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