BSIA launches new access control guide for the utilities sector

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

BSIA launches new access control guide for the utilities sector

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has just launched a free guide to assist the utilities sector in the use of access control systems. The guide explains how access control systems can better improve the protection of sites such as water, oil and nuclear plants as well as administrative or production offices within the sector. It also provides case studies to exemplify the work of BSIA members with utilities companies, and brings attention to any legislation that should be considered when employing the technology.

Mike Sussman Chairman BSIA Access Control Section

Mike Sussman - Chairman BSIA Access Control Section

Mike Sussman, Chairman of the BSIA’s Access Control Section, said: “Changes in the social and political environment, as well as the growing scope and impact of the utilities sector in almost everything we do have increased its vulnerability to threats such as terrorism and vandalism. Moreover, natural disasters and internal breaches are also cause for concern for companies operating within the sector. For this reason, regulating and monitoring access to premises and sites becomes of critical importance.

“Access control systems provide reliable and cost effective solutions to the problem of security whilst still offering flexibility of entry and exit to authorised personnel and visitors. The technology also works well when integrated with other systems such as physical security equipment, to provide that extra layer of protection.”

Mike continues, “When approaching security providers, utilities companies should seek suppliers that are able to offer solutions with longevity, and with plenty of experience working with the sector, understanding its needs and priorities. Choosing a BSIA member gives you this peace of mind. All BSIA Access Control Section members are independently inspected to the quality standard ISO 9001 and are compliant with British and European standards as well as relevant codes of practice.”

Entitled ‘A Guide to Access Control for the Utilities Sector’, the BSIA document brings useful insight into what utilities companies must take into consideration when looking at procuring or updating access control systems, and forms part of a series of publications, which are tailored to the installation of systems within different environments including manufacturing sites, offices and education premises. These guides ensure end users are getting accurate information in relation to the particular application they are looking for.

The guide to access control for the utilities sector is available as a download by visiting and searching for form 119

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