CNPI Release Two New Preventative Security Documents

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

CNPI Release Two New Preventative Security Documents

CPNIThe Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CNPI) has issued two important advisory documents. The first document is titled Protecting against Terrorism consisting of 48 pages starting with an introduction which includes the importance of security planning and the security plan.  The rest of the document covers the following topics; information, identifying threats, vulnerabilities, risk assessment , protective security, physical security , information security, personnel security, response planning, business continuity plan, incident response, communications plan, bomb threats, evacuation planning, search planning, security culture, staff awareness, staff surveys, and good practice – security in the workplace.

The second document a two page Bomb Threat Check List  provides organisations an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of dealing with bomb threat warning communications.

Keeping up to date with official guidance can help your organisation’s response to this type of incident, and also ensure vital evidence is recorded for any subsequent police investigation.

Visit CNPI Website

Download Protecting Against Terrorism

Download Bomb Threat Check List

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