Comprehensive guidance for lone workers now available online

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Comprehensive guidance for lone workers now available online

A new web page has been launched today to provide lone workers and their employers with a central point of information on health and safety, legal obligations, quality standards and advice on choosing a reputable supplier of lone worker devices.

Launched by the Lone Worker Forum of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), the page offers comprehensive, easy-to-understand advice and links to guidance documents, which set out the individual rights and responsibilities of both employers and their lone working employees.

Chairman of the BSIA’s Lone Worker Forum, comments: “More than six million people in the UK work either in isolation or without direct supervision, often in places or circumstances that put them at potential risk. A wide variety of organisations and industry sectors employ people whose jobs require them to work or operate alone, either regularly or occasionally.

“Almost by definition, lone working can be both intimidating and at times dangerous, so the protection of lone workers involves a twofold approach; not only to provide safeguards but also to offer reassurance to the people involved.”

There are also important considerations to be made when choosing a supplier of lone worker devices, which, Patrick adds, can be difficult, given the wide range of solutions currently available. He adds: “The BSIA’s Lone Worker Forum recommends that companies choose lone worker systems that are compliant to British Standard 8484, which is the Code of Practice for the provision of Lone Worker Services. BS8484 is the basis on which Police respond to lone worker systems, so it’s important for employers to choose a supplier who works to these standards.”

“The launch of this dedicated web page means that employers can now find out more about the implications of BS8484, download useful guidance and locate reputable suppliers all in one place, coordinated by the leading trade association for the private security industry.”

Visit the BSIA Lone Worker Forum’s webpage today at

BSIA Website

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