Door Supervisor Found Working With Fake SIA Licence In Slough

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Door Supervisor Found Working With Fake SIA Licence In Slough

SIAA door supervisor was found working on a fake SIA licence during an operation conducted on Friday night [25 October] in Slough.

Thames Valley Police led an operation with the support of SIA investigators, to act on intelligence received on a specific venue and its security arrangements.

During the targeted operation, door supervisors were inspected with one found to be working illegally. The individual was displaying a photo-edited, fake SIA licence. No other offences were found.

The police cautioned the individual who will be interviewed at a later date. The police and the SIA will be conducting further enquiries into the door supervisor and the security company that deployed him.

Head of Investigation Darren Woodhouse said: “We are committed to investigating the intelligence we receive through our credible sources in order to target specific venues and their security staff.

“The use of fake licences is a crime that can jeopardise the safety of the public; we will treat this matter very seriously.

“Our investigators will continue to work closely with Thames Valley Police to ensure that those working in security roles are correctly trained, vetted and licensed to do so to protect the public.”

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