Europol and AMERIPOL strengthen cooperation against organised crime

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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Europol and AMERIPOL strengthen cooperation against organised crime

Rob Wainwright & Juan José Andrade Morales

Rob Wainwright & Juan José Andrade Morales

As part of the efforts to enhance law enforcement cooperation in the fight against international organised crime and terrorism, Europol Director, Rob Wainwright, today hosted a visit by Juan José Andrade Morales, President of AMERIPOL, the Police Community of the Americas.

Both Europol and AMERIPOL recognise the importance of cooperation and sharing to ensure a more effective approach to combating the common threats faced by the countries of Europe and the Americas. Today’s visit therefore aims to build on the existing relationship through focusing on:

• Capacity-building in the American countries to mitigate security threats to/originating from the region

• Fostering strengthened cooperation among the American countries as well as with European/Schengen countries in the area of internal security • Cooperation resulting in a better understanding and more effective approach to combating the common threats posed by organised crime and terrorism

• Supporting capacity building for cooperation and information exchange among the law enforcement authorities of the AMERIPOL countries as well as within the wider European security area including EU and Schengen Member States, based on European and international standards.

Director Wainwright and President Morales also discussed common efforts to develop regional police bodies in the world as part of a coherent international police cooperation in which INTERPOL also plays a key role.

Following today’s fruitful discussions in The Hague, the AMERIPOL delegation then had the opportunity to explore Europol’s specialist operational facilities including the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3).

Europol Director, Rob Wainwright, said: “Europol is proud to be associated with one of its sister organisations in the world and welcomes the opportunity to play its part in strengthening international police cooperation.”

In 2010, Europol concluded an operational agreement with its first Latin American partner country, Colombia, also a member of AMERIPOL. This has been instrumental in developing a new level of cooperation for fighting organised crime such as currency counterfeiting and drug trafficking. Colombia has therefore been designated by AMERIPOL as Europol’s point of contact.

During the meeting, President Morales presented Mr Wainwright with a decoration of honour on behalf of AMERIPOL, for his “distinguished services” to police cooperation.

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