Final gang member sentenced

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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Final gang member sentenced

Today at Southwark Crown Court, the final member of a violent gang who committed a number of robberies against cash in transit (CTI) couriers was jailed for his part in these crimes. Thomas Pulhofer, aged 21 was jailed for seven years on Friday 4th December at Southwark Crown Court, for a series of violent ‘strangulation’ robberies; two cash-in-transit robbery offences; and one aggravated taking and driving away offence.It is understood that Pulhofer was the final member of a gang involved in a series of violent robberies on CIT couriers in the UK.  Earlier this year, Christopher Ryan and Nicholas Bidar were sentenced for their part in these crimes, with Bidar receiving a 17 year imprisonment for two CIT robberies and using a firearm with intent to resist arrest.  His colleague Christopher Ryan was given a six month sentence, suspended for two years and an 18 month supervision order for handling stolen goods. Bidar had traces of SmartWater security dye on his hands and clothing, containing a chemical trace which placed him at the scene. He was also found in possession of dye stained cash containing SmartWater samples from two separate robberies.

Kevin O’Connor, Risk Director, G4S Cash Services (UK) said: “This particular case highlights the fact that those involved in CIT robberies are often involved in other criminal activities within their local communities.  These individuals displayed a total disregard for the safety of members of the public, police officers and our crew members. We welcome this sentence, which sends out a strong message to those considering attacking a CIT courier. “

Phil Cleary, Chief Executive of SmartWater Technology Ltd, said: “In this instance SmartWater assisted the Police to link the gang to more than one robbery, which had a significant impact on their sentences. The evidence provided by SmartWater is undeniable and has a 100% conviction rate when used in court. We will continue to assist the Police and our partners within the CIT sector to help secure criminal convictions of this type.”

By working closely with the police and key stakeholders G4S will continue to play its part in developing a joint approach to tackling the wider issues of crime in the community on both a national and local level. The CIT industry is vital to the economic liquidity of the UK where cash remains the consumer’s preferred method of payment.  Each year the CIT industry transports around £500 billion, equivalent to £1.4 billion per day, by around 8,000 couriers using a fleet of some 4,000 vehicles.

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