Free guidance on access control released as demand for retail security grows

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Friday, 19 October 2018

Free guidance on access control released as demand for retail security grows

Mike Sussman Chairman BSIA Access Control Section

Mike Sussman - Chairman BSIA Access Control Section

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has recently released a free guide to aid the retail sector in understanding the benefits of access control security systems.

The retail sector faces a number of security threats year round, from shoplifting to organised crime, and these risks are increased by the heavy footfall brought on by mid-season sales.

“The benefits of access control systems in this sector are vast” explains Mike Sussman, Chairman of the BSIA’s Access Control Section. “Retail environments have a number of factors to consider when securing their premises – including valuable stock, cash and a number of employees working varied shift patterns. Access control systems can provide reliable and cost effective solutions to ensure that these goods and people are kept secure.”

In 2012, the BSIA surveyed its members to discover their involvement in securing the retail industry over the past year. This research identified some interesting trends. Over 85% of respondents said that the use of private security measures within the retail sector had either remained static or increased over the previous 12 months. Interestingly, 65% of respondents also believed that a further increase was to be expected this year.

In light of these results, this new guide serves to highlight how influential access control systems can be in managing known or anticipated threats within retail environments. Such systems can also be used to monitor and manage the areas of a premises that personnel can access, and since the BSIA’s survey found theft by employees to be a very real threat to the retail industry, these systems can also offer peace of mind to store managers.

Access control keycard

Access control keycard

In fact, access control can provide a variety of benefits including time and attendance management, fire roll call technology and when integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV, can ensure maximum protection of a premises.

To put these benefits into perspective, this helpful guide also incorporates a number of case studies from member companies within the BSIA’s Access Control Section who have had direct experience within the retail industry.

Mike adds: “Members of the access control section have a wealth of experience in securing a wide range of industries, and having been inspected to high quality British and European standards, there is no question that we represent the best of the industry.”

The guide can be downloaded free of charge from the BSIA’s website.

To find out more about access control visit

BSIA Website

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