High compliance found during Commonwealth Games site inspection

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Friday, 20 October 2017

High compliance found during Commonwealth Games site inspection

All but one of the security guards inspected during an operation at sites connected to the 2014 Commonwealth Games held a valid SIA licence.

The Security Industry Authority carried out the operation on Thursday [10 March] visiting 15 sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh to ensure contracted security staff were adhering to the law by holding and displaying a valid SIA licence.

In total, 21 security staff were checked – 20 operatives were properly licensed.  However, one security guard was found working with a cloned SIA licence and officers from Lothian and Borders Police were called to the site because the guard fled the site. The police are in possession of the cloned licence and enquiries are being made.

The SIA also warned two security guards for failing to notify the SIA of a change of their address, which is a breach of licence conditions.

Head of Investigation Sara Hesp said: “There is a wealth of construction and regeneration being carried out in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. It is important that security provision remains a priority to ensure the success of the Games and more importantly, that those sites and the public are being kept safe by trained, qualified and SIA-licensed security staff.

“We are working with our partners regarding the issues found on Thursday and we will be making enquiries with the relevant security companies. Operations like this will continue in the build up to the Games.”

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