Home Office Appoints Interim Directors For New Immigration Commands

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Home Office Appoints Interim Directors For New Immigration Commands

The Home Office

The Home Office

The Home Office has appointed two interim Directors General to lead the new immigration commands as announced by the Home Secretary, Theresa May on 26 March.

Sarah Rapson will lead UK Visas and Immigration, bringing her experience of managing a successful customer-focused organisation as Chief Executive of the Identity and Passport Service.

David Wood will lead Immigration Enforcement, drawing on his background with the Metropolitan Police and as Director of Operations for UKB

Mark Sedwill, Permanent Secretary said:

“The Home Secretary has been clear that the new commands will have distinct cultures. The first will be a high-volume service that makes high-quality decisions, focusing on customer satisfaction for business travellers who want to come here legally and on specialist caseworking functions for asylum and complex cases.”

“The second will be an organisation that has law enforcement at its heart and gets tough on those who break our immigration laws. I look forward to welcoming both Sarah and David onto the Home Office Executive Management Board.”

Sarah Rapson will continue her role as Registrar General for England and Wales, and Paul Pugh, IPS Executive Director of Operations will take over as interim Chief Executive of IPS.

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