Home Secretary praises officer who was stabbed trying to stop armed robber

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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Home Secretary praises officer who was stabbed trying to stop armed robber

Home Secretary Theresa May has praised the bravery of police officer who was stabbed while tackling an armed robber.

Detective Constable Luke Simms was injured as he tried to stop Kes Nattriss, 28, fleeing a bookmaker’s in Bracknell after he had robbed it in May 2010.

The Thames Valley Police officer was in the betting shop on an unrelated investigation when he saw Nattriss give a piece of paper to the cashier ordering them to hand over their money. Recognising Nattriss, who had previous convictions for armed robbery, DC Simms tried to arrest him as he left the shop but Nattriss stabbed him in the stomach and fled.

DC Simms was rushed to hospital and treated for life-threatening injuries.  Nattriss was arrested within two hours outside Bracknell train station.

In December 2010, Nattriss was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years for the attempted murder of DC Simms. He received another life sentence for robbery and four years for possessing an offensive weapon.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: “The courage shown by DC Simms and his colleagues is just one example of the bravery that takes place day in and day out in Thames Valley Police and in forces across the country.

“I want to thank the police in Thames Valley and the officers and staff serving all our communities for their hard work and commitment. We must never forget all that they do to keep us safe.”

DC Simms has now returned to duty following the attack. He said: ”I am overwhelmed, but very grateful for receiving this prestigious commendation. The incident last year not only affected me but impacted on my family, whose support has been tremendous throughout.”

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