2002 UK Top 20 Regulated Sector Security Companies table

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Friday, 22 March 2019 2002 UK Top 20 Regulated Sector Security Companies table

The Top 20 for 2002 is as follows:

Rank Company Name 2002 Turnover Est Market Share
1 Securicor Security Ltd. £193,000,000.00 8.77%
2 Group 4 Total Security Ltd. £189,000,000.00 8.59%
3 Reliance Security Services Ltd. £155,000,000.00 7.05%
4 Initial Security Ltd. £115,000,000.00 5.23%
5 Chubb Security Personnel Ltd. £105,000,000.00 4.77%
6 Securitas Security Services Ltd. £65,000,000.00 2.95%
7 Securiplan Plc £56,000,000.00 2.55%
8 Corps of Commissionaires Management Ltd. £52,000,000.00 2.36%
9 Galago Ltd. £41,000,000.00 1.86%
10 First Security (Guards) Ltd. £40,000,000.00 1.82%
11 Capitol Security Services Ltd. £30,000,000.00 1.36%
12 Sabrewatch Ltd. £28,000,000.00 1.27%
12 I C T S (U K) Ltd. £28,000,000.00 1.27%
14 The Shield Guarding Co. Ltd. £27,000,000.00 1.23%
15 Pegasus Security Ltd £26,000,000.00 1.18%
16 Wilson James £24,000,000.00 1.09%
17 Legion Security Plc £22,000,000.00 1.00%
17 Trident Safeguards Ltd. £22,000,000.00 1.00%
17 Temple Security Ltd. £22,000,000.00 1.00%
20 Resolution Security Ltd. £20,000,000.00 0.91%
Estimated Annual Turnover of Top 20 Companies £1,260,000,000 57.27%
Estimated Annual Turnover of UK Security Guarding Industry £2,200,000,000
The above table is based on estimates and historical published data of annual turnover and should be viewed only as a guide to the approximate size of the largest companies in the manned security industry. The turnover is calculated on an annualised basis as of end November 2002 and relates only to revenue derived from the regulated sector of the Private Security Industry. Some companies have non related areas of business in their statutory accounts which attempts to estimate and factor out of the estimated turnover. Whilst some companies are now providing information on turnover to all figures will not be accurate as statutory information can be up to two years out of date. welcomes input from the companies in the Top 20 and will amend any verified inaccuracies as soon as possible.  We will not entertain new entrants to the Top 20 during 2002/3 unless there is a vacancy. Therefore these figures should be treated with caution and be regarded as a best guess. The Top 20 UK Companies in the Regulated Security Sector 2002 is an exclusive production of and may not be replicated without the express written permission of the producers thereof.

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