IPSA Welcomes the Opportunity for the UK Security Industry to Have It’s Say at Last

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

IPSA Welcomes the Opportunity for the UK Security Industry to Have It’s Say at Last

“IPSA welcomes the issue of this long overdue consultation document. This is a pivotal moment not only in the transition process but also for the future of the UK’s private security industry.

“We would urge all those with an interest in the private security industry, whether you are a member of a representative body or not, to read the document closely and consider what it means for the industry.

“IPSA is keen to grasp this opportunity to positively develop the regulatory future of the industry and to work with our colleagues on the Security Regulation Alliance to ensure that the Government understands the feedback from the industry.

We will consult with all our members for their feedback on this crucial document and look forward in particular to understanding how once the consultation closes in January, the consultation outcomes coupled with the necessary legislative changes can all be successfully managed by the Home Office to ensure Lord Taylor’s implementation date of October 2013 is achieved.”

Consultation on future regulatory regime for the private security industry

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