The Met provides security advice after French killing spree

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Saturday, 17 November 2018

The Met provides security advice after French killing spree

On 19th March 2012 a gunman on a motorbike opened fire outside a Jewish School in Toulouse, 4 people were killed.

The Metropolitan Police have today issued advice in respect of counter measures that should be taken in the UK as a result of this tradgedy.

There are similarities between this & 2 other earlier shootings in the region: on 11th March a French Soldier was shot dead in Toulouse by a man on a scooter; on 15th March in the town of Montauban 3 uniformed soldiers were shot, 2 fatally by a male on a motor scooter.

The same calibre of ammunition was found at the scene of all 3 attacks

These attacks have all occurred in the same geographical proximity with a similar MO & calibre of ammunition used.

The UK Threat Levels remains unchanged.

CST Security Reminders

The Metropolitan Police police have suggested that the following security counter measures are considered:

  • Ensure that staff and visitors DO NOT congregate outside your building especially upon arrival and departure
  • External security patrols (outer circles of security) should be implemented and/or increased especially at arrival and departure times
  • Pay special attention to the security of those outside your location
  • Search external, then internal areas before fully opening up your building and remember to keep all external doors secured when the building is in use
  • Be alert to suspicious people and activities including parked cars and unattended bags
  • Challenge and question all strangers and visitors to your building even when accompanied by someone you know. Vehicle access should also be restricted to known vehicles only
  • Do not accept unexpected post, deliveries etc until they have been cleared by the intended recipient
  • Items must be kept outside your location until cleared as suitable for acceptance
  • If you cannot confirm that it is genuine, do not accept the delivery – send it back with the courier

Metropolitan Police Website

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