New strategy to tackle cyber crime published

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Monday, 21 August 2017

New strategy to tackle cyber crime published

New measures to protect the public and businesses from cyber attacks and promote economic growth were published as part of the UK Cyber Security Strategy.

The Strategy, led by the Cabinet Office, sets out a programme of work over the next four years to bolster our cyber defences underpinned by £650m of investment.

The Home Office, which received £63m under the programme, will lead the work in the Strategy on tackling cyber crime through:

  • expanding the use of ‘cyber specials’ (volunteer police officers with specialist cyber skills) to help tackle cyber crime
  • creating a new cyber crime unit within the National Crime Agency by 2013 to lead on national-level cyber crime
  • encouraging the police and the courts to make better use of existing cyber sanctions for cyber offences; and
  • making it easier for individuals and businesses to report financially motivated cyber crime.

James Brokenshire

Home Office Minister for Crime and Security James Brokenshire said:

‘We want to ensure that everyone can make the most of the internet and online services while protecting themselves from crime.

‘The new National Crime Agency will share knowledge and expertise across law enforcement agencies, building on the pioneering work done by the Metropolitan Police and SOCA.

‘We are also reaching out to industry and the public to get involved. We all have a role to play in keeping ourselves and our families safe while enjoying the huge opportunities and benefits of surfing the web.’

Full details of the UK Cyber Security Strategy can be found on the Cabinet Office website.

Home Office Website

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