Operation Challenge: Officers engage with door staff in Kettering and Northampton during successful compliance test

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Operation Challenge: Officers engage with door staff in Kettering and Northampton during successful compliance test

SIADistrict Commander Chief Inspector Chris Hillery explained: “I was really pleased with the positive response from door supervisors and licensees on Saturday night. We saw real support for Operation Challenge and it gave us the opportunity to further engage them in our initiative to prevent and reduce the risk of alcohol-related violence.”

“People who have had a lot to drink can become more aggressive and potentially an offender of violent crime, but can also become more vulnerable, therefore increasing the chances of their becoming a victim. So as well as tackling violence robustly using the powers at our disposal, such as making arrests and issuing dispersal notices, we work with partners, such as the Street Pastors and pubs and clubs, to keep people safe. I know of various occasions, for example, where door staff have taken action to ensure the safety of vulnerable people – by either calling us or speaking with an officer or Street Pastor on the ground or making sure that the individual is taken home by friends.”

“We’ve also been highlighting the implications of getting involved in alcohol-related crime and disorder to encourage people to stop and think about the consequences of their behaviour.”

Head of Investigation at SIA said: “The results of this operation were very positive. In Northampton seven premises were visited and all 26 door supervisors checked held a valid SIA licence. In Kettering we checked five venues, finding all 13 door supervisors there properly licensed.

“Enquiries are being made into one venue where the employer of in-house door staff may not hold the necessary SIA licence, and into two door supervisors who may not have updated their address details which is a breach of licence conditions.”

“These type of operations help us to ensure that those working in positions of trust within the night time economy are doing so legally, and we look forward to working with Northamptonshire Police again in the future.”

Northampton Police Website

SIA Website

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