Pub goers encouraged to report unlicensed door supervisors in new radio campaign

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Friday, 19 October 2018

Pub goers encouraged to report unlicensed door supervisors in new radio campaign

Pub, bar and club goers across the North East are being asked to watch out for unlicensed door staff in a series of radio adverts launched this week. The Security Industry Authority is using radio advertising for the first time to raise public awareness of SIA licensing, and to highlight that door supervisors are qualified and trained security professionals. The adverts are being rolled out across the North East of England, an area known for its diverse and vibrant nightlife. The adverts encourage members of the public to check door staff are displaying an SIA licence, and, where they are not, report this to the SIA.

In the radio ads the listener hears the usual noise and voices as people queue to enter a venue – then door staff turning some people away as their names are not on the list. The voice over then explains: “By law, all door supervisors need a licence from the Security Industry Authority. Wearing one says they’re trained and qualified, meaning you have a better, safer night out. If you see a Door Supervisor without an SIA licence it could mean their name’s not on our list, so call CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111. Or visit”

The perception of security staff has already changed significantly since SIA regulation was introduced in 2003. The modern security operative has passed a criminal record check and undergone dedicated training. Today, door supervisors are trained professionals who are there to make sure people have a safe night out. Door staff now often work together with the police on anti-crime or safety initiatives, helping to keep city centres safe.

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