Public Consultation Launched Into Specialist Training For Door Supervisors

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Public Consultation Launched Into Specialist Training For Door Supervisors

Plans to raise standards by introducing additional training for UK door supervisors will form part of a Home Office consultation launched today. The aim of the new proposals is to protect the public by raising standards of training across the industry. Additional training will include physical intervention, first aid, special considerations when dealing with young people and awareness of the threat of terrorism.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has already included the additional training elements as part of the new qualifications being introduced from June 2010. The 14-week public consultation proposes making the additional skills a requirement for existing door supervisors in the form of top-up training that must be taken before renewing their licence. This would also apply to those who have an existing qualification and want to apply for a licence for the first time.

Home Office Minister Alan Campbell said: “Door supervisors deal directly with members of the public, often working in difficult situations where conflict can arise. It is vital that they are properly equipped to carry out their role and meet the challenges they face to better protect the public. These proposals aim to improve public safety and raise standards of training for door supervisors.”

Bill Butler, SIA Chief Executive, said: We welcome these proposals, many of which were suggested by the Industry. They understand the challenges faced by door supervisors and the skills needed to carry out their duties professionally, whilst protecting the public. We are encouraging those working in the door supervision sector, training providers and stakeholders to contribute to this important piece of work.”

If the decision is made to implement the proposals, top-up training will be compulsory for all door supervisors from May 2011. The SIA will work with awarding bodies to ensure training is available from October 2010.

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