Sector Skills Body Forum Appoints Vice Chair

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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Sector Skills Body Forum Appoints Vice Chair

Michael Burke, Director of Research & Development at Skills for Security, has been elected to the post of Vice Chair of the Sector Skills Body Forum. Sector Skills Bodies (SSBs) are organisations that work to promote skills development in their respective sectors. Unlike Sector Skills Councils, SSBs are not funded by government and have to be self financing. These 22 organisations represent 5 million people in occupations ranging from hairdressing to security. They meet together under the umbrella of the SSB Forum, working to ensure that each sector’s skills and qualification needs are given due consideration at government level, and to share information and best practice among the group.

Commenting on the appointment of Mike Burke, David Greer, Chief Executive of Skills for Security, said “This decision illustrates the increasing influence that the security industry is having and the growing realisation of the importance of the sector among influential bodies. With over half a million people working in the industry, a substantial majority of whom hold vocational qualifications, this appointment will enhance our efforts to gain wider recognition for the importance of the private security industry to the people, companies and institutions of the UK”.

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