Security Institute conference 2016 will look at real world security issues in real time

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Security Institute conference 2016 will look at real world security issues in real time

The Security Institute today announced the launch of its 2016 Conference with a new format from its previous conferences. Introducing the changes, Andrew Nicholls, Deputy Chair of the Institute explains “With past conferences we have always selected a theme and chosen speakers to deliver presentations that supported those themes. But the security situation is a fast-evolving set of circumstances and events can suddenly become hugely important. In the past we have not had the flexibility to include them in our flagship event. This year we are putting the emphasis on securing authoritative speakers and acknowledged experts who will present on the up-to-the-minute issues that affect the security situation. This allows us enormous content flexibility and means that attendees can be guaranteed insights into what are the live issues of the moment”

The conference will be titled “The State of Security 2016” and the list of speakers at the launch reflects a significant level of expertise and authority. The conference will be chaired by Professor Martin Gill CSyP FSyI, one of the leading researchers into security and related issues introducing a line-up of speakers that already includes Sir David Veness CBE QPM, former Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations in the Metropolitan Police and UN Under Secretary-General for Safety and Security. Sir David will be joined on the platform by former Head of Counter Terrorism for the Ministry of Defence, Major General Chip Chapman CB who is who is a regular analyst/commentator on terrorism, radicalisation, government Counter-Terrorist policies and Middle East strategies, Brett Lovegrove SyI the Chief Executive of CSARN – the City Security and Resilience Network – and Sean Cunningham former Head of the New Scotland Yard Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit who is now Group Operations Manager for the Inkerman Group. More speakers will be announced shortly.

Nicholls added “We really do have a stellar line up for The state of Security 2016 and I can promise attendees an illuminating series of presentations and discussion focusing on matters of direct concern current on the day of the conference. To my knowledge no other conference will have this degree of flexibility in tailoring the content to real world events in real time.”

Details of the conference have been sent to members of the Institute and non-members can visit the Institute’s website for further information.

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