Security Preparations for NATO Summit Wales 2014

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Security Preparations for NATO Summit Wales 2014

The Home Office

The Home Office

To help ensure the safety and security of local residents and delegates the NATO Summit Wales 2014 will see one of the UK’s largest-ever policing deployments.

The policing operation, which will be focused in the Gwent and South Wales Police areas, will involve some 9,000 officers who will be drawn from police forces across the UK.

Planning for the policing operation has been ongoing since the Summit venue was announced in October 2013. However it is only now as security fencing begins to be erected that the public may become aware of the sheer scale of the security operation.

Security fencing has begun to appear at key sites around the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, and around key venues and locations in Cardiff. In all some 20Km of fencing will be erected and this work will be completed by the end of August.

As well as the security fencing the operation will require some roads to be temporarily closed and access to certain areas to be restricted. Full details of these restrictions will be made in due course.

Safe summit

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Armitt, who is leading the policing and security operation for the Summit, said:

“As the Nato Summit draws closer we are finalising our preparations for the policing operation which will help ensure the safety of local residents and delegates.

“With an event of this scale, we are putting the necessary security measures in place, including drafting in additional police officers. This is a UK-wide policing effort and I am confident that we will be able to deliver a safe summit, for delegates and the public.

“We are also working hard to ensure where security barriers will be in public places that access routes will remain open until the very last minute. So I am grateful to the public for their continued support and understanding, and apologise in advance if any of our activity causes any disruption or inconvenience to them.”

A Home Office spokesperson said:

“The NATO Summit in Wales will see one of the largest gatherings of world leaders ever hosted by the UK.

“The safety and security of residents and all delegates attending the Summit is paramount, which is why we are supporting the hard work of the police and the substantial operation they are putting in place.”

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