SIA announce 2017 Stakeholder Conference: Partnership Working

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Friday, 20 October 2017

SIA announce 2017 Stakeholder Conference: Partnership Working

SIA CEO, Alan Clamp

SIA CEO, Alan Clamp

The Security Industry Authority has released the following update in relation to their 2017 Stakeholder Conference.

“On Tuesday 14 March 2017, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) will be holding their 2017 Stakeholder Conference at the Hallam Conference Centre, in London.

“The focus is on partnership working. SIA Chair, Elizabeth France and CEO Alan Clamp will set out the Authority’s key priorities for the coming year during the event.

“SIA Chief Executive, Alan Clamp said: “The theme for the day is working in partnership to protect the public. In addition to presentations, we will also be running workshops throughout the day. These are important because the feedback we get will inform the future of regulation and the work we do.

“We know that networking is important to the industry so we have made extra time for everyone to meet each other. We have also reduced the delegate fee this year to try make it easier for members of the industry to come and share their views with us. Ultimately, this is a chance for the SIA and the industry to come together to discuss how we can do things better together”.

“During the conference, three discussion forums and workshops will be held. They will look at the following topics:

Taking Responsibility for Standards

  • Who has responsibility for standards?
  • How do high standards give businesses competitive advantage?

Influencing Buyer Behaviour

  • How can we encourage buyers’ recognition of high quality?
  • What is the role of the SIA?
  • What should the private security industry do?

Developing Regulation in Partnership

  • How can regulation be improved to help good businesses?
  • What should the SIA focus on?

“Further information regarding speakers will be confirmed shortly.

“Date: Tuesday 14 March 2017.
“Time: Registration from 09:15am, start at 10:00am – 16:15pm
“Location: Hallam Conference Centre, London
“Price: £50 per delegate, including VAT (reduced from £95 last year) includes lunch and refreshments

“The closing date for bookings is Thursday 9 March”.

SIA Conference Webpage

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