Abloy Padlocks secure Fastnet Lighthouse

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Abloy Padlocks secure Fastnet Lighthouse


Security expert Abloy UK has supplied Commissioners of Irish Lights, a Maritime organisation delivering Irish coastal safety, with a number of high security Super Weather Proof padlocks for use at Fastnet Rock lighthouse.

Fastnet Rock – known simply as Fastnet – is a small remote island in the Atlantic Ocean, 13 kilometres from County Cork on the Irish mainland. It is home to the Fastnet Race, an offshore yachting competition known for its difficult and challenging course.

The lighthouse was designed by William Douglass and built under the supervision of James Kavanagh, with construction taking place between 1897 and 1904.

The lighthouse’s inhospitable environment means it has to withstand incredibly severe elements, from both the cold temperatures and the relentless waves, which for much of the time submerge a good portion of the structure under saltwater.

Due to its remote location, access to the lighthouse can only be gained by helicopter. Therefore it is imperative that the security measures in place function correctly to allow authorised persons access when required.

Abloy padlocks were chosen because of their ability to withstand the toughest weather conditions, because the components are extremely well protected to ensure operation in all conditions. Security is guaranteed even with regular exposure to extreme heat or cold, storm-driven salt water or ­fine desert dust.

Abloy’s range of Super Weather Proof padlocks includes both mechanical and electromechanical models in a range of sizes. All padlocks in the range offer the same high level of durability, and different sizes of mechanical and electromechanical locks can be combined in the same locking system.

Phil Lawlor, Lighthouse Team Lead at Commissioners of Irish Lights, said: “Many of our towers and dwellings are secured with Abloy locks, and I don’t think you could place them in a more harsh environment. Several of them – such as Fastnet – are constantly washed over with corrosive salty seawater.

“With technology moving forward so fast, we only need to visit some of our lighthouses once a year for maintenance and it is Abloy locks keeping the towers and dwellings secure.”

Pat Jefferies, Commercial Director at Abloy UK, added: “The Fastnet lighthouse is one of the most iconic lighthouses in the world, so we are extremely proud that Abloy padlocks are the chosen solution for securing this site.

“We are totally confident that our Super Weather Proof padlocks can be installed in any location – regardless of the environment or exposure to the elements – and they will continue to perform correctly whilst offering a superior level of security.”

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