Interconnective believes sticking to their New Year’s development resolutions is imperative

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Friday, 19 April 2019

Interconnective believes sticking to their New Year’s development resolutions is imperative

Bobby Logue of Interconnective Ltd

Bobby Logue – Interconnective’s MD

“In smart tech development, Interconnective believes it is imperative to stick to our New Year’s development resolutions. We use our development roadmap to ensure we remain on track” writes Interconnective’s MD Bobby Logue. “Equally important is our 17 years’ experience in the ever evolving U.K security patrol management space”.

Interconnective’s Partner Online Patrol and Lone Worker System has successfully completed its development roadmap for the third year in a row. In 2016 Interconnective successfully completed numerous improvements to The Partner Tuff system, with over 30 updates to the server and the application. Key features include of the system include proof of presence, lone-working and a bespoke form management functionality. The majority of updates are in response to feedback from Interconnective’s customers.

From inception in 2014, The Partner Tuff has had the functionality to add tasks to checkpoints. This has been enhanced considerably with tasks which can now be scheduled, pushed to handsets and sent to specific handsets, persons and patrols as desired.

Patrols can now be created and carried out using a combination of NFC tags and iBeacons. The beacons, using Bluetooth, signal to the handset when the device is within range to log a location. Other location based updates include the deployment of geo-fences and updated mapping, “navigation breadcrumbs”, to show a path and direction of travel online.

Battery Level Indicator

Battery Level Indicator

The most eagerly anticipated feature of The Partner Tuff is the form functionality which was introduced towards the end of 2016. Users are able to create their own form templates and have all of the input logged and stored securely online. In addition, advanced custom notifications can be created to email the completed forms to groups or individual users based on specific answers to questions on the form. This system can escalate matters requiring attention to designated levels of management or customers.

There have been several requests for third-party Android apps for use in conjunction with The Partner Tuff. There are now 8 third party apps that have been integrated with The Partner Tuff, include a form system, Google Mail, a flashlight application and a facilities management application.

The Partner Tuff iBeacon

The Partner Tuff iBeacon

Furthermore, the lone working functionality of The Partner Tuff has been boosted with a check-in facility to allow The Partner Tuff to be used to create and log checks. The management of mobile devices has been enhanced in several ways. Customers are now able to see a list of all of their mobile devices from one screen with information about the version and battery level of handset.

The 2017 Interconnective Roadmap will be launched at the end of January 2017.

The Partner Tuff Website

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