Interconnective introduces StaySafe Lone Worker App to their range of products

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Interconnective introduces StaySafe Lone Worker App to their range of products

Leading security solutions provider Interconnective Security Products (Interconnective) have introduced the StaySafe mobile application to their range of products. Designed to provide personal protection for lone workers, StaySafe combines an application and a cloud-based monitoring service to track lone workers via GPS as they carry out their duties.

“Interconnective is in the business of protecting workers since their inception in 2000. Our Jack Ellis Body Protection range and the Partner online security solutions have offered protection solutions to frontline employees for 17 years underpinned by continuous research and development. After extensive product testing Interconnective is happy to add StaySafe to our extensive range.” says Interconnective’s Bobby Logue.

StaySafe COO Andrew Natt adds “In a world where nearly everyone carries a smart device, StaySafe is a discreet and robust way to ensure that staff are monitored and protected whilst they work and travel alone. Our easy to use app is suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors making it a flexible addition to Interconnective’s diverse product portfolio”.

Interconnective understands the requirement for frontline personnel to receive information in real time and seeks to continue their provision of this trend with StaySafe. The intuitive application has been designed with ease-of-use in mind and gives the user the ability to customise the application offering as they see fit. The application can be used on a wide range of handsets including Apple iPhones, Android and Windows smartphones.

Interconnective have facilitated a partnership with a National Security Inspectorate (N.S.I) accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) receiving alarm calls initiated from the StaySafe application. In furtherance of this, intuitive notifications and a discreet panic button can be set up in conjunction with the application.

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