Door staff advised to confiscate false ID

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Friday, 22 February 2019

Door staff advised to confiscate false ID

The SIA is supporting a new Home Office campaign, which addresses young adults using fake or false identification when attempting to enter pubs and clubs. The initiative, in association with the Proof of Age Scheme (PASS) advises young people that if they are caught using fake, or someone else’s ID, they could have it confiscated and may be prosecuted. The SIA is urging door supervisors to confiscate false ID and hand them over to the police, who will then return the documents to the relevant authority.

Baroness Ruth Henig, Chairman at the SIA said: “We are advising licensees and door staff to help ensure fake or false IDs are confiscated and handed to the police. Trained and professional SIA-licensed door supervisors play an important role in creating a safe environment for the public when visiting pubs and clubs across the UK. Door staff can also contribute to reducing under-age drinking. Our approved door supervisor training ensures door supervisors are made aware of the PASS scheme.”

PASS Chairman Robert Humphreys added: “This campaign is timely and most welcome. Many underage young people often see getting past door staff or being served as something of a game, but for those responsible for enforcing the law it’s no joke – in fact a mistake can easily cost them their jobs and even get them a criminal record. The clarity of the message is vital – attempting to break the law is unacceptable and could get you in serious trouble.”

The fake ID posters can be downloaded from the Home Office website:

SIA Website

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