Bidvest Noonan Launches Task: A Cloud-Based Operations Platform for Intelligence-Driven Services

Bidvest Noonan, have announced the introduction of Task, a cutting-edge cloud-based operations platform. Developed for its 27,000-strong workforce, Task was engineered to enhance service processes, employee management, and asset tracking, transforming the way the company operates in the field.

Task will help Bidvest Noonan change the way the service teams work, allowing them to leverage real-time data generation and analysis to provide actionable insights for continual service improvement. Its comprehensive suite of applications caters to diverse operational needs across the company, ensuring enhanced quality, accountability, and consistency in service delivery.

The platform’s capability to attach detailed instructions and guides to tasks should ensure high service standards, focusing on safety and professionalism. Cleaning teams can access specific instructions for impeccable results, boosting client satisfaction. Teams can access integrated Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) and Schedules. Security teams benefit from Task’s GPS and NFC technologies, which ensure proof of presence and detailed digital audit trails, thereby offering clients enhanced assurance. Bidvest Noonan also integrated a panic button to ensure swift emergency responses for security personnel.

Task’s digital approach to operational documents will play a crucial role in supporting Bidvest Noonan’s commitment to environmental sustainability, significantly reducing paper usage, and contributing to broader environmental goals.

Eddie Ingram, Bidvest Noonan Transformation Director comments, “With Task, we’re taking a significant step towards a more efficient, technology-driven future. It’s a standout platform, fit for the data-oriented and innovative company we have become. Task is key in our strategy to transform how we work and lead in our industry.